Circle of Helping Hands Inc. (COHH), a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, tax ID# 04-3821284,  a federal program funded by services, grants, donations and contributions. The organization is headquartered and operated by volunteers of the community whose mission is to advocate for Veterans, Women and their Children.


We help locate social services to those whom may be eligible for such as:  healthcare, financial aid, home programs, military benefits, and social security. We provide opportunities to those seeking assistance by helping themselves within our services model.  Every action is aimed to pay it forward and COHH accomplishes this by empowering others through internships, practical knowledge and hands-on experience. We bring hope and assistance to those who need it the most.  The ones that find themselves in a getting by to losing everything due to an unforeseen hardship.


COHH was founded by Anita Miranda, United States Navy, Ret. in 2005.  From a Ward of the Court to a Disabled Navy Veteran, armed with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and a Master’s degree in Education, she too considers herself fortunate that she encountered women and men who believed in her and would not give up on her and her abilities.

Through Anita Miranda’s development of a non-profit organization, Red Carpet Extravaganza with Media PRO Productions (video company) was born. These businesses are the pillars to help individuals and businesses bring out and capture the glamour and beauty from their own incredible stories. Every effort I put forth is to bring well-deserved attention, support and love through video production, photography, event entertainment, fund raising, book publishing, promotions and networking.

What drives Anita is the desire to help others recognize what is brilliant and unique about them. Because she was once that little girl who wanted so much more, her life is dedicated to helping others with the Circle Of Helping Hands platform.

Together we will take you from ordinary to extraordinary.


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